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Nice-n-Easy Mykonos at the island’s town and Nesaea with contemporary creative Greek island cuisine on Agia Anna Beach at Kalafatis, two Nice-n-Easy restaurants in Athens in Kolonaki and Kifissia, the newest addition of the group, the Italian bistro & bar Frankie in Athens, as well as “Exquisite” luxury catering services across Greece”.


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sweetClub4Holiday – your travel social network

This is a club for You and your new friends! Travel guides, Local guides and Property owners together in the same PORTAL to interact and meet with each other.  SweetClub4Holiday is a social network, where members can find travelmates, other solo travelers, share posts, photos, experiences, write forum topics/blogs, chat with other members, become friends, offer hospitality and meet locals.

Travelers can find hospitality and friends, also can get suggestions for holidays – tips, recommendations for shops and accommodation, from a group of people  and search for Travel Agents, Travel guide, Tour operators, Local guides and Properties from different countries. We make it easy for travelers to connect directly with real locals through customizable, interest-based tours, facilitating authentic and meaningful travel experiences.

The beauty of world travel at a local level is that it enables you to become familiar with the true, authentic side of the places you visit. It lets you learn about cultures and make connections with people from different backgrounds.

Find a travelbuddy – Make new FRIENDS!

Open your home to other travelers for free. The interaction often develops into lasting friendships! We have plenty of experience in organizing great holidays for single travelers and build personal relationships with our guests. We truly believe we are the most caring and professional e-club for holidays. Some of the best holidays are those where you traveled with strangers. Experience has shown that you will find like-minded companions in any group.


Become a SOLO Traveler !

Don’t spend your holiday alone, make plans and decide whether and with whom you want to be! Remember you are alone but not the only one. 


As alone as you may feel, there may be other people who also have no one to spend the holiday with and who would be happy to connect. If you decide that you haven’t truly tried to reach out to others, take 10 minutes to post your Profile and have your Sweetest Holiday ever.

Home may be the place where you most want to be (or the only place you can afford to be), but if you are dreading the prospect of being home alone for the holiday, you may want to think about traveling. If you do decide to travel and you are interested in connecting with other solo travelers, take a look at sweetclub4holiday online for some of the forums where you can meet and connect with other people traveling alone. It’s a chance to set out on your own to explore more of the world – a personal odyssey, a journey where you find out more about the delights of the planet. It’s all about seeing what you want when you want. The point is you want to get out there and try new experiences.

Perhaps you are a rather more reluctant solo traveler –Or perhaps you’ve been waiting your whole life to make a trip of a lifetime – to Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro – and you’ve realized that you can’t wait for the other people in your life to catch up and share that dream. There are many ways of making things easier in terms of travel arrangements – from escorted tours to cruises, to activity and adventure holidays; trips where solo travelers make friends, find the other half if being lucky. You never feel isolated or alone when you are a member of SweetClub4Holiday.

Join as a LOCAL Guide!

It’s easy for travelers today to find information about popular tourist attractions, but it’s harder to experience life at a local level when they are in a foreign city.



SweetClub4Holiday connects travelers and locals.
Become a Local Guide and make a profit gaining new friends!


Who can become a Local Guide?
Local Guides are locals who are passionate about their hometowns. They create tours based on their interests and expertise, so that when travelers visit their city they can find interesting and meaningful local tours that are right for them. They help travelers to experience holidays at a local level, to become familiar with the true, authentic side of the places they visit and make locals friends.

How can someone become a Local Guide?
In order to become a Local Guide just join our site and select the Local Guide membership type. Thereafter you can list your own personalized tours. You can Create local attractions and activities for travelers so they can enjoy the fun part of their trip – Reply to tourists inquiries and confirm booking.

Become a Listings Owner!

Discover our membership types and categories depending on what you want to do.



We have this pioneering idea to bring Travelers-Tourists, Tour operators, Travel agents, Travel guides, Local guides and Property owners together in the same PORTAL to interact and meet with each other. SweetClub4Holiday is a social network, where Travelers can find travelmates, other solo travelers, chat with other members, become friends, offer hospitality or find a
property to rent and at last meet locals. Travelers also can get suggestions from a group of people and search for Travel Agents, Travel guide, Tour operators, Local guides and Properties from different countries. We make it easy for travelers to connect directly with Property owners through customizable, interest-based tours.

What services does SweetClub4Holiday provide?
For the property owners and their authorized legal representatives, SweetClub4Holiday provides a set of Property Management Listing services that includes professional marketing services, authorized representation for screening and qualifying consumers
and accounting services for processing payments in addition to other services.

I want to publish my property in SweetClub4Holiday. What are the conditions?
Working with SweetClub4Holiday has no cost for the property owner. Also we don’t add commission to the price that you indicate for your property. So the price that our members pays for the property is significate lower in contrast to other sites that add commission for your property. Besides, you do not have to be exclusively working with our company but our members will choose your property because they can book it in a lower price than the competition. In any case you are managing the availability of your property and you must get in contact with the customer.

Join for TOURIST Agnecies & Operators!

It’s easy for travelers – members of the sweet club 4 Holdiay to find the right travel package for them. Join now and offer them, your suggestions and packages. .







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